Modern interiors combined with the latest technology and luxurious amenities create an ambience characteristic to APART Garni Hotel K.

Relax in our standard room, designed for your comfort, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

At your disposal is a large corner sofa where you can relax with your favorite film program, a desk, you can do all your business tasks, and a large double bed in your bedroom.

The STANDARD suite can accomodate a maximum of 4 people.

The bed in the bedroom can be modified from double to twin.

Standard apartment can be leased for 73 euros for four people.
(if one less person is staying, the price is reduced to 7e)

Price Four people Three people Two people One person
in EUROS 73 66 59 52
* prices are in EURO, payment is made in RSD at the middle exchange rate NBS on the day of payment.